Hustled By The Bustle

More people than usual this Christmas season have shared how much harder this time of year is getting for them. Admittedly, I too feel a different kind of rush this year that hasn’t been there before.

It’s as if the season is flying by with such a flurry of activity and social functions, that I’m missing something – or someOne.

I’m grateful for all the fellowship, good food, and festivity, but I must admit fatigue is setting in. Fatigue from the hustle and bustle. Fatigue from the check lists and must dos.

Alas, I’m not the only one. For many have shared and can’t hide their weariness from this Christmas rush.

It doesn’t help that all the songs, lights, and promotion that go along with this time of year, tell us it’s the season to be merry, cheery, and joyful. So we feel worse if we just don’t share it.

However, I’m reminded the marketing of this season and the flurry that surrounds it isn’t what it’s all about. We get distracted, discouraged, and indebted with all the commitments and festivities, and lose sight to what it’s really about.

Of course, it’s about Jesus, who is and was always Lord, coming to earth as Savior. To save humanity. To rescue the lost, burdened, blinded, and hopeless. He came for each of us. For He loves us.

As such, he endured the pain and suffering set before Him. Never losing sight of his ultimate purpose and objective. He endured all the suffering, pain, and abuse, and didn’t try to escape it – For our sake, our benefit, and our blessing.

I’m reminded of His love for me when I sit quietly before Him in prayer – though not nearly long enough. Even though I seek Him and know Him, commitments beckon me away – and back to the race set before me.

Yet, we do not go alone. He sends us into the world to be living witnesses to His endless love, mercies and grace, and to share the hope we have. Not to dismiss the hardships before us. Not to deny the weariness we feel, but to share our humanity with others – Our vulnerability, transparency, struggles and pains. To encourage one another in understanding grace and love. The same we are offered from God.

So, as we fellowship, we discover deep conversations and connections can still take place amidst the crowds and noise. We set aside our time to peer into the eyes of another and share in their pain, struggle and potential sorrow. We see them, and we allow them to see us.

Dare we connect with the strangers we see all around, with our coworkers, distant relatives and friends? Dare we share our own vulnerabilities, and without judgment or dismissal listen to theirs?

So, although tired, and busy, I pray this Christmas be one of connection like never before. One that allows me to see others more deeply and invites them to see me like never before – the gift of transparency, authenticity, and grace (Galatians 6:2).

As such, may God and His glory be shared and seen in all of us this season, and throughout the coming year.

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