Welcome to CareerCall!

Welcome to CareerCall!  In addition to sharing faith-based books, we hope this international blog and devotional will provide encouragement to all believers in their primary career and calling to fulfill the great commission within our homes, the church, the marketplace and amidst a watching world. There was a time my life was filled with blind ambition and grand dreams. …

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Deep Discoveries

I’ve been walking closely with God nearly two decades now. Though my time is more than some and less than others, it has been the most transformational years of my life. The adventure has been grand and the discoveries deep. Though as seemingly slow as an archeological dig, God has revealed, renewed, restored, refreshed, and …

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Advocate Over Adversary

A friend of mine recently shared a quote that struck a chord with something I believe and am working to put into practice more and more each day in both my personal, and professional life – and that is the mindset of collaboration over competition. This collaborative/unification theme is also a success strategy that keeps …

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