Welcome to CareerCall!

Welcome to CareerCall!  In addition to sharing faith-based books, we hope this international blog and devotional will provide encouragement to all believers in their primary career and calling to fulfill the great commission within our homes, the church, the marketplace and amidst a watching world. Additional posts provided on Instagram and Twitter: @DaganSharpe There was a time my life …

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Enter Chaos Courageously and Creatively

Not many people like chaos, change, and conflict. Yet, it is inevitable. Therefore, our perspective and reaction to it is vital in determining outcomes. For some, we want to get away from chaos and conflict at all costs. So, we choose to ignore an aggravating situation like it never happened, try to laugh it off, …

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Silencing The Storms

A fire of restlessness consumed my soul, and far too many years were wasted in vain attempts to quench the burn. Of course, nothing in this world could - no measure of success, promotion, praise, romance, relationship, intoxicant, and/or pursuit. Only a temporary cooling could they provide, but in time, the remaining embers raged back …

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