Welcome to CareerCall!

Welcome to CareerCall!  In addition to sharing faith-based books, we hope this international blog and devotional will provide encouragement to all believers in their primary career and calling to fulfill the great commission within our homes, the church, the marketplace and amidst a watching world. There was a time my life was filled with blind ambition and grand dreams. …

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Someone once said, “look closely. The beautiful may be small”. Good reminder when what so often can win our attention is the broken, and chaotic. And though those things have their time and place to be engaged, making the effort to not miss the beauty also present, and to perhaps even to offer it, makes …

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Don’t Just Do Something – Sit There.

We’ve all heard the expression don’t just sit there - do something, but sometimes, it’s the exact opposite that proves more true. We do a lot of “something” all the time, and that constant doing, can reek havoc on our mind, body, and soul. Just think about the shame, guilt, and condemnation that can sink …

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