Welcome to CareerCall!

Welcome to CareerCall!  In addition to sharing faith-based books, we hope this international blog and devotional will provide encouragement to all believers in their primary career and calling to fulfill the great commission within our homes, the church, the marketplace and amidst a watching world. Additional posts provided on Instagram and Twitter: @DaganSharpe There was a time my life …

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Weary Wanderers and Wounded Warriors

I recently had the honor and privilege to meet and interview baseball legend, Darryl Strawberry. He has achieved great fame and success in the sporting world as a four time World Series winner. He is also well known for his various struggles off the mound. Today, he is a champion of encouragement to others and …

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Finding A Friend Is Being A Friend.

You always seem to sincerely care. You seek to encourage, hold me accountable to my greater potential, and provide a warm smile. You are selfless with your time, and seem to think of others more than yourself. You never hesitate to share your faith and you gently remind me how God is greater than all …

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