With all we do – our books are written to inspire hope and encouragement in the areas of faith, family, health and finances.

Major Titles:

Our fully illustrated children’s book, The Dinosaur Did It, emphasizes the value of friendship and encourages kids to share the truth, no matter how difficult. It’s filled with bright colors and rhyming prose that’s a joy for nap time and family reading. If you have youngsters up to 7 years old, or an adult who’s just a kid at heart – this book is for you!

Our youth chapter book, STRONG & The Kingdom Scrolls, is for those up to eighth grade who love a fun adventure! This too is perfect for family reading and has simple black and white illustrations younger kids will enjoy coloring. STRONG highlights the power of reading the Bible in an illustrative way as a league of ants discover the wisdom to defend and prosper their colony through the secrets revealed in a series of ancient scrolls from long ago.

Highways End is a novel that tells of pursuits of passion. It is based of Ecclesiastes and the author’s own vain attempts to find meaning “under the sun”. It is a must read for those struggling with restlessness and in need of faith-based refreshment.

Full Disclosure is a nonfiction book that provides powerful and candid confessions from a recovering workaholic. It is a perfect resource for those who struggle with work life balance and desire to finish well in the areas of faith, family, fitness & finances.

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