Status Quo, or Grow?

Each new year brings new challenges and so often we are tempted to simply “leave well enough alone”.

However, we aren’t meant to remain where we are and as we are. We are meant to be in a constant state of maturity, growth and development.

Yet, so many don’t like change, and I understand this for change is uncomfortable at times and inconvenient. However, with change and growth also comes new opportunities. True, there is new risk, but life is not risk-less – and we can’t manage all the risks away, no matter how hard we may try.

Good stewardship and growth is even demonstrated in the parable of the talents. The Master rewards those who multiplied what they had been given, and reprimands the one who did nothing but maintain the status quo.

We are to multiply as well, for a greater purpose and good. Rather than just accumulating more possessions, prestige and popularity, we are to be ambitious to grow as disciples and to multiply new disciples.

This can happen in many ways – for work, friends and family are also mission fields. Neighbors and strangers alike – wherever we go, we represent Christ and through growth we are blessed with the opportunity to reflect Him to even more.

This doesn’t mean we seek self advancement – but rather expanded territory for Kingdom advancement.

The prayer of Jabez shares this so beautifully. For he was ambitious for growth and success, but to be kept from evil and pain – imagine growth without the evil trappings of greed, pride, vanity, selfish ambition, jealously, and lust.

Rather – expansion of love, grace, mercy, hope, faith, and Christ.

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