To Know The Worthless From The Worthwhile – An Intro To CareerCall

Although passionate about what he does professionally, it wasn’t until Dagan realized his workaholic tendencies were costing him everything he truly cared for was his true calling discovered.

Raised in a broken home, he was quickly heading to repeat the same pattern in his own family by neglecting those he loved most for his own selfish ambitions – fueled by the lie that his value as a person was based upon his valuables, performance, and prominence in the workplace and world.

On the brink of having his all-consuming pursuits destroy the family he had always dreamed of, this stark realization got his attention in a way that drove this young father and husband to his knees, and to surrender his life to Jesus Christ as both his Lord and Savior (Psalm 119:35-37).

This was over 15 years ago, and as a result, God literally rescued and renewed this man, his family, and his marriage. He went from simply “saying” he believed in God, to living for God.

Although far from perfect and with many areas of his life still a faith fueled “work in progress”, Dagan desires to share his mistakes, his hopes, his faith and his struggles to both encourage and inspire others in their “true calling”.

As such, Dagan has contributed to this blog for 7 years, and has authored several books, including, Full Disclosure: Candid Confessions From A Recovering Workaholic, which addresses the stewardship areas of faith, family, fitness, and finance; and the novel, Highways End, which is a sweeping romance that tells of love, loss, family, and faith.

His other books include two written to encourage children and families entitled, STRONG and The Kingdom Scrolls and The Dinosaur Did It.

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He has also written several Christian based articles providing encouragement in the areas of family, money, work balance and health – again, all areas God is personally strengthening and reconciling through His grace.

Dagan and his wife, Jennifer, live in Augusta, Georgia with their two children where they enjoy anything that gets them out on the water, and in fellowship among their friends and family.

One thought on “To Know The Worthless From The Worthwhile – An Intro To CareerCall

  1. D Jones

    I have read these books and was so excited to buy them for friends. Dagan’s knowledge, wisdom, life experiences and imagination is contagious. So grateful to have all his books on my shelf!


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