No Time To Whine, Worry, and Waste

Some of the biggest time wasters we so often get distracted by include, constantly complaining about things, but never doing anything about them; comparing ourselves to others, critiquing and judging as if we’re superior; procrastinating, people pleasing, and caring too much about our public image and popularity; failing to proactively plan, and existing in a reactionary and defensive mode.

These are just a few obstacles we put in our own way – which points to the key strategy of simply getting out of our own way, in order to realize greater success.

Another way to illustrate this is to flush our “stinkin’ thinkin'”. For it never accomplishes anything and often fails to move anything forward. Instead, it creates stagnation, and fuels insecurities, fears, and anxiety. Nothing good.

I recently saw a quote that wisely advised to never approach a horse from behind, a bull from the front, or a fool from any direction. Interestingly, a fool often demonstrates the behaviors mentioned above and if we conclude correctly, this makes the fool more dangerous than a bronking bronco, or a raging bull.

Obviously, wisdom is the better route, and this means we stop wasting time, worrying, and whining and instead, build upon a firm foundation of faith in the hope and promises of Jesus Christ and stop acting like we have none.

For hope, translated from the Hebrew word Chacah, means to “feel protected”. Now, just imagine approaching life this way – protected. That’s the power of Christian hope – so, let’s not live and worry like we have none.

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