It’s seems so easy for me to over-complicate things. I have a tendency to take on way too many things to fill any spare time I may have. I look forward to spare time and yet, I feel as if I have spare time, I must have more time to take on more. Makes no sense 🙂

Thus, the race is never ending. I see this same tendency for many. We are so busy and although there’s nothing wrong with activity, there is something beautiful about keeping things simple – Leaving space in our schedules to think, allowing conversations to deepen, and to simply linger longer with those we love.

Life doesn’t have to be lived in a rush. For example, I can’t recall any time in the Bible Jesus was rushing. Quite the opposite, He was scheduled and purposeful, but never rushed. He allowed for interactions, conversations, and His time to be unhurried.

May we learn and apply this wisdom. For there’s something powerful in simplicity.

K.I.S.S. also known as “keep it simple stupid” can also be used for “keep it simple saints”.

It’s okay to have space in our calendars when our perspective and priorities are in check. It helps protect us from rushing from one event to the next, risking running late, shortening interactions, minimizing the chance of making mistakes, and allowing more time for meditation, contemplation, development, and prioritization.

For in the end, loving God with all our heart, mind, and soul, and loving our neighbor as ourselves, is our Lord’s greatest invitation on how to best invest our time (Matthew 22:36-40).

May we never get too busy and over complicated that we miss out on this most powerful call.

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