Idol Pursuits

There are three primary Bible verses that speak to my heart deeply and serve as key life verses for me. These are: to keep my eyes off worthless things, to be strong and courageous, and for God to restore the joy of my salvation.

These verses help encourage and remind me to my purpose, my priorities, and that God is my Provider and Protector.

For years I mistakingly believed financial and promotional success could keep me safe, secure, and satisfied. I believed this type of worldly success was my primary goal and could somehow satisfy any sense of inadequacy and insecurity I may have had.

However, as Christians, we know this is never the case. Instead, more is never enough.

Many of us can get caught up in our selfish ambitions, and living for Christ isn’t always easy. Yet, there is so much more fulfillment in living beyond self.

We are to be generous like our Heavenly Father. Yet, it’s so easy to get misdirected as mere accumulators.

Not that there’s anything wrong with accumulating, but the power comes from sharing the gifts we have been given with others. To be generous with our time, talents, treasures, and testimonies.

This comes, as one pastor describes, from having a surplus mindset, rather than shortage mindset.

If we aren’t careful, idol pursuits can consume and occupy far too much of our time, and they will undoubtedly continue to rise to distract and distort our calling.

Thus, the power of giving our money, time, skills, and testimonies is that it helps keep us from clinging too tightly to things.

This helps us better understand and experience the blessings that come from being stewards of God’s resources, and the benefits of serving as His hands and feet to others.

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