My daughter’s pet cat, Joey, recently passed away. We enjoyed his company for over 8 years, and he is missed.

It has been a reminder to our family just how fleeting life is, and how much that remains are the memories.

It is also a catalyst to consider the kind of memories I am creating. What are the contributions being made to others, especially to those I hold most dear? Joey’s memory brings smiles, and we miss his company, but how much more powerful are the memories we’re creating in the lives of others?

I am convicted that I may fail more often than I care to admit in the relationships assigned to me. There is no room for selfishness, mean spiritedness, and disconnection. Life is too short and precious to waste a moment.

May we be wise enough to invest our days for higher purposes. To love God with all our hearts and minds and others as ourself. May we aspire to live a life fueled by faith, inspired by hope, and overflowing in love. For these make the best memories when are time is done, but also for the time we have left.

Far too often we allow the business of life to consume our time, and its challenges to drain our tenderness.

Various issues will undoubtedly arise, but we don’t have to allow them to blind us to the fact that this life isn’t all there is. As such, we can better prioritize our days so that we invest our lives wisely.

Our journey doesn’t end here, but what remains after our time on earth ends will be largely determined by our choices. May we choose well and turn to Jesus Christ, surrender to Him, and discover our full potential through Him. This is the wisest choice we can make and our best hope in ensuring we gift others with genuine love, precious memories, and life sustaining faith.

One thought on “Fleeting

  1. nanajo1954@aol.com

    You do an amazing job prioritizing and taking time with loved ones, the difficulty for me has been and is wondering if it’s ever enough….our time is our most precious gift ❤️

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