A Mixing Of Rain And Sun

My wife and I were recently discussing how different we are. Yet it’s these differences that balance our relationship. We keep each other trying different things because we like different things. We keep each other introduced to new ideas because we have different ways of looking at things.

Clearly, being different can cause tensions at times, but as we surrender our lives and our marriage under the authority of Jesus Christ, he blends these differences to make something special. Much like cake batter, I’m the flour and she’s the sugar but together they’re both made better.

My wife compared us more like sunshine and rain. She loves the quiet solitude of the mountains and I relish sunny days at the beach. She enjoys rainy days that allow times of refreshment indoors and I can’t get enough of being outdoors – always ready for the rain to end.

Clearly, we are different, as many couples and many people are, but together, the rain and the sunshine when unified create beautiful rainbows.

Life is like that – and our marriage is like that. There are differences among us and that’s okay, for with Christ, he mixes our differences to make something beautiful and unique, only our differences can create – something we could never do alone.

I love this imagery of God unifying our differences to create rainbows.

In all aspects of life, may we learn to not be turned off from the differences of others, but rather grow to appreciate the beauty and adventure our differences can create in and for God’s kingdom.

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