The apostle John was once known as one of the “sons of thunder”, but eventually became renowned as the apostle of love. Almost seems like two different people being described, but isn’t this what our consistent walk with Jesus over time does to each of us?

Young guns overflowing with venom and vigor can eventually settle into meek, and merciful mentors filled with humility and wisdom.

I’ve also seen this transformation in the corporate world. Wide eyed graduates enter the workforce ready to tackle and take names. They strike tirelessly to break from the herd, and like thunder, they are loud, demanding to be heard, noticed, and even revered.

Yet, in time, with some weathering and seasoning, though no less passionate, a calm confidence can be forged. Perhaps a new focus to help others replaces former blind ambitions, and a humility resulting from lessons learned, losses, and trials tempers former bravado and ego.

Like the apostle John, many of us may enter our missions like thunder, but Jesus overwhelms us with His love, and we eventually learn what is most important and that life is not all about us and our agendas.

Like Billy Graham once said, “the Holy Spirit’s job is to convict, God is the judge, and I am to love”.

Our natural tendency seems to have us live as predators, taking what we can, when we can – to thine own self be true.

But God calls us into the supernatural and to live instead as protectors and providers. A spiritual maturity that transforms us from thunder to lover.

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