Expansion Over Secession

Christians will have conflicts – it’s unrealistic to think otherwise. Thankfully, it can be refining – just as a piece of iron used to sharpen another isn’t soft and gentle, the friction in relationships when trusted to God can be used for good.

Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised when we as believers have disagreements and discord. It’s how we handle these moments that matter.

Conflict, change, and challenges can tempt us to divide and secede from each other much like a civil war. This often causes us to want to leave a church, start our own, or simply divide in a harsh fashion without much peace in the process.

Yet, there is another way – expansion. We can separate, but do so peaceful as we go forth in unity and expand the ministry.

Much like Paul and Barnabas had a disagreement over John Mark, they shared frustrations, but separated in a way that expanded the ministry. In time, reconciliation and mutual appreciation for John Mark was later realized.

May we always be wise and caring enough to do the same in all our relations under Christ. To be peacemakers and pursue peaceful outcomes despite our differences.

To assist with this we must always carefully examine our motivations. Are they self motivated, or Kingdom minded? Are they based on personal preferences, or grounded in Biblical truths? Finally, are we being open, honest, peace makers, and prayerful in all we do?

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