Life Is Too Short To Play It Safe – Experience The Rewards Of Risk

Ecclesiastes 11:4 reminds us that if we wait on perfect conditions, we will never get anything done.

It’s scary to take risks – I recall a time during our family vacation to Hawaii, we had this travel app that was really a lot of fun. We were on the “road to Hana” and the guide had us stop at several places along the way – many off the beaten path.

One such place was a small hole along the side of the road, seemingly out in the middle of nowhere. The guide told us to crawl into the hole. Well, none of us were all too thrilled to crawl into this small abyss along the side of the road out in the middle of nowhere.

Being “Dad”, I was quickly recruited by my wife and kids to go first. Mustering up as much manly gusto as I could, I slowly poked my head into the hole to take a look around.

However, I couldn’t see a thing because it was so dark. So, I realized I was going to need a flashlight. We used our cellphones for this and once again, I peaked down the hole.

Realizing there was no way around it, and there was no turning back, I crawled into the dark damp space – thanking God there were no snakes in Hawaii! But I didn’t know what other “creatures” might be down that hole. I also began to question why I was obeying and trusting this app guide with my life. For what if there were some “crazies” down that hole, just waiting for their next victim?

None the less, I continued and as I made it through the tight entrance, the hole opened up into a large cave, created by once flowing lava. The cave ventured far back, and I urged my family onward, as one by one, they too plopped down the hole.

Lighted only by our cellphones, we meandered our way onward. My kids were begging to go back – but I was determined to lead us forward as if guiding us through the parted Red Sea itself – we were not turning back. We were going to finish the mission and see was what was at the end.

Two of us made it first. My son and I maneuvered through the twists and turns and found our way to the end of the cave that opened up into a lush Hawaiian jungle type setting. There were even photographers there, capturing the beauty with their cameras.

When my son and I returned, we shared what we saw and now everyone was excited to see it – the fears washed away by the hope of the beauty waiting to be seen.

This is much like life isn’t it? We are afraid of the unknown and many times allow our fears to keep us cornered. As a result, we miss out on much. Sure, we may be safer, but do we really want to play it safe all the time? If we did, why would we even go outside? For many dangers lurk.

May our lives be filled with adventure – not unnecessary risk that puts us into harms way, like walking down the middle of a highway during rush hour, but the kind of risk that allows us to experience life and requires us to trust God.

Publishing my recent books was fearful because I knew there would be critics, they might be an absolute failure, they proclaim my faith in Jesus Christ boldly, and they allow others to judge me.

However, God quickly reminded me that whoever acknowledges Him before others, He also acknowledges before His Father (Matthew 10:33).

Additionally, He planted these dream “seeds” in my heart, why would I risk never planting them because of my imagined fears of rejection, failure, judgment, etc?

Just like we experienced in Hawaii, there are times of uncertainty, but we trusted our “guide” and continued onward and were rewarded for our faith.

How much more should we trust our Heavenly Guide and continue onward – He too is a great rewarder of faith.

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