Better Together

As I think back on my relationship with my wife, I can’t help but see God’s hand all over it. We met in college and although we were “Christians,” we definitely weren’t walking closely with the Lord, but despite that, God still drew our hearts together and we got married shortly after graduating college.

Many felt we were still too young to get married and although we disagreed with that assessment at the time, they were right. For we both had a lot of growing up left to do. Yet, despite our mistakes and immaturity, our love carried us through – for awhile.

For eventually there came a time when our love wasn’t enough. I know we all like to believe love is the answer to any problem and love makes a marriage work, but that’s not always the case. For despite the love we had for one another, our marriage was on shaky ground. Our love could only help take us but so far.

It wasn’t until we both surrendered our lives to Jesus Christ and began putting Him first in everything, was our marriage and relationship restored and renewed.

For although my wife and I are deeply in love and best of friends, it wasn’t until God was invited in and made primary was our marriage healed. It’s not perfect obviously, because we aren’t perfect people, but it has been redeemed.

God began working on each of us individually and as a result, our marriage was brought together with a force greater than our human capacity to love. Rather, God’s love became the glue that united us as one with Him – a power no man, no feeling, and no circumstance can break (Ecclesiastes 4:3).

Do we have problems, disagreements, and discord at times? Absolutely – but when love surpasses being a mere feeling and transforms to become a covenant forged by God – even the hard times can’t break what He holds together.

For in the end, we are better together with Jesus.

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