Don’t Give Up! Run Quickly!

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Taking this leap of faith is honestly scary because it requires vulnerability – something hard for our insecurities to face.

However, my prayer is that these collective lessons of faith, family, fitness, and finance, like the ones we share each week in this blog, will serve to offer hope and encouragement to even more.

John Wooden once said, “Don’t give up on your dreams, or your dreams will give up on you“. My dreams were always for a fruitful family, strong faith, healthy body, and sound finanical habits, but my negative habit of selfish ambition almost cost me all of this and more – my life!

This book shares this journey of faith in a candid way, and the blessings that come from our full surrender to Jesus Christ. There is hope for the “highly ambitious” but only when our ambition is redirected!

My prayer is for this book, along with my other three, is that they serve as a platform to share Jesus Christ with as many as possible.

I want to encourage you to boldly pursue the dreams God places in your heart – it will most likely require facing doubts and fears, but may we dare to live courageously and “run quickly” towards those giants of intimidation (1 Samuel 17:48)!

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