Troubled By Truth?

  Mark Twain is quoted to have said, “It’s not the parts of the Bible I don’t understand that bother me. It’s the parts I do understand“. Of course, this is humorous because we may have felt this same way at times. However, rather than letting truth trouble us, when we surrender our lives to Christ, His truth actually liberates us. What makes the difference is what we choose to do with the truth we know:

Sin: The truth is we are born with sinful natures and are naturally pulled towards it (Psalm 51:5). However, we don’t have to remain in bondage to sin. This is a powerful freedom God offers us through Jesus. We may not be perfect once we’re saved, but the difference is our desires change. For we don’t want to sin, and it disgusts us if and when we do. Therefore, as the expression goes, “never wrestle with pigs, for you both get dirty and only the pig likes it“. Likewise, sin is for the pigpen, not God’s children.

Spirit: Truth states our struggles are not against the physical and material, although many times, it feels like it. Rather, our struggles are spiritual (Ephesians 6:12). It may be disturbing to think of a spiritual battle taking place, but the Bible states this fact. However, we can take comfort in knowing Christ has won this battle through the cross. In addition, when we rely on Him and His ways, rather than our own, we never fight alone and don’t have to be victims, but can rest in His victory.

Surrender: God has graciously given people so many gifts, talents and resources, that at times, we might falsely assume we are self-sufficient and independent – that we don’t need anyone, or anything. In other words, we got this! However, the opposite is true. We need Christ desperately, and no one can remain apart from Him and possess true peace and joy – for these gifts come solely from Him. Therefore, complete and total surrender of our life to Christ is an awesome truth we must face. We can continue to cling and hold tight to portions of our life, but true freedom only comes with our full release, trusted assurance and reliance on Him (Luke 9:23).

Application: “Keeping It Underground, or Letting It Abound?” – 2 Timothy 1:6
We have a choice. We can either bury the truth we know and the gifts we’ve been given, or apply and share them in all we do. For again, the trouble with truth is not whether it’s true, but what we choose to do with what we know.

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