Rising Above Rejection

No one likes rejection. It’s discouraging, painful and even embarrassing, but learning to deal with rejection effectively is a powerful benefit to be acquired. For example, our Lord, Jesus Christ, faced rejection beginning with His earthly birth. For there was no room in the inn for His family. Then, later in life, His own brothers rejected Him and did not believe in His deity. Of course, He was also rejected by the religious leaders and eventually crucified. Truly, rejection was a major part of His life, but so was His rise above it. For He never allowed any of it to derail His purpose and/or His connection with His Father. Instead, it flourished and He was able to successfully proclaim, “It is finished“! As believers, we possess His spirit and through Him, we too can overcome and rise above the rejections we will continuously face in this life:

In The World: The world does not appreciate those who do not conform to its standards and ways. However, our lifestyles are to be determined by God’s standards and not the worlds (Romans 12:2). Therefore, this may cause us hardship, but one of the most powerful truths is God is greater than our hardship and when we obey Him, He is responsible for all outcomes – and His ways can always be trusted to be better than our own.

In Relationships: No one enjoys being rejected in relationships, but unfortunately, most of us have felt this deep pain at some point. It can be especially painful when it comes from a family member and/or friend. The pain may even make us want to reciprocate. However, like Jesus, we are to love and pray for those that hurt us – which in turn, grants us His power to rise above any ridicule that may come our way (Luke 6:28).

In Work: Our work can also stimulate rejection. For clearly, Jesus’ work was rejected by many. Therefore, we too may find ourselves and our work confronted with attacks. Perhaps, we find that our work inspires some, but irritates others. However, when we surrender our work to God and give our best for His glory, there is thankfully no dilemma too great to be resolved for His purposes (Colossians 3:23).

Application: “Making Room” – Matthew 6:33
Have we made ourselves so busy with daily demands, there is no room for anything else? Likewise, do we allow the opinions and approvals of others to dictate our behaviors? Many times, our fear of rejection and failure are the very things that lead us to our busyness and ruin. Therefore, may our various duties and the opinions of others never sway us from our highest calling – for in order to truly rise above any rejection and/or challenge, we must first make room for God and prioritize our lives with our risen Lord.

2 thoughts on “Rising Above Rejection

  1. CG

    …surrender our work to God…

    It may seem like we lose some battles from time to time but we stand to gain the ultimate prize. Victory in Jesus.


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