Grateful Gains

imageUnfortunately, writing thank you notes seems to be a fading gesture. However, we must admit it’s nice when we receive one. As such, my wife and I make grand efforts to ensure our children send thank you notes anytime they receive gifts.

Similarly, how often do we thank God for all the gifts He bestows upon us everyday? From sunrise to sunset, we are all recipients of God’s gift of life. Yet, how often do we take each morning for granted? Even though we may be facing enormous difficulties and challenges, there are various ways we can still demonstrate our gratitude for all we have:

Appreciation: Whenever we take the time to appreciate something, its value to us increases. Thus, when we seek to find and acknowledge those things we appreciate in God, others and in our life the value we place on them goes up. Additionally, when our appreciation increases, so does our desire to maximize all of God’s opportunities (Philippians 3:14).

Reciprocation: When we reciprocate something, we return the gesture. However, how can we possibly return to God all He gives to us? Although the answer is simple, it can be hard. We are to render unto God what is His, care for the needs of others and share our gifts for the benefit of others (Isaiah 58:6-7). No doubt, in a world dominated by self-interests, this can be difficult, but as we quickly learn, we can never out-give God. For our supply is limited – His is endless.

Depreciation: The opposite of appreciation is depreciation, which means rather than valuing a gift, we devalue it by disregarding, or taking it for granted. As a result, its potential worth in our life is depreciated and missed. For example, we may no longer see our time, talents, treasures and testimonies as gifts, but as burdens, or entitlements. When we fail to acknowledge them as valued assets God has given us to invest wisely, the result is depreciation and waste (Deuteronomy 8:17-18).

Application: “Taking Grace For Granted?” – Psalm 103:10
Grace has been described as something given that isn’t deserved. It’s like a police officer not giving a ticket even though the speed limit was broken. Likewise, God gives us what we don’t deserve every second of the day. Therefore, may our hearts rejoice in humble appreciation for such amazing grace that saves, loves and heals each and every day.

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