“Role” Call

The problems of the world are so big, what good can one person do? At times, the odds against us simply appear too overwhelming – but just like a single grain of sand can tip the scales, so can one believer’s call to duty be the tipping point for change:

Called To Obedience: Is there anything too great for God? Despite the disasters that seem to be escalating all around us, we are never alone. For not only is God with us, but we also have each other. Just like Elijah, when he felt as if he stood alone against the world, God reassured him there were others, courageously fighting the good fight in faith (1 Kings 19:14-18). Do we feel alone in our obedience, discouraged if any good comes from it? Let us remember our rewards won’t always be visible today, but will await us after our pilgrimage here on earth is complete.

Called To Opportunity: How often are we presented with opportunities to help others and serve God in doing so? It may be in such mundane things as taking out the trash, helping a neighbor with their yard, or simply speaking an encouraging word to a stranger. Whatever it is, may our eyes always be open to the opportunities that come our way to be the “salt and light” in this world (Matthew 5:13-14). For even when we find it most difficult to smile, God’s spirit is greater than our emotion, and He will fuel our efforts when surrendered to Him and done in faith.

Called To Over-Abundance: Christ promises that our time on earth with Him will be lived more abundantly than without Him (John 10:10). Even though this clearly doesn’t mean we will all be consistently healthy, wealthy and wise – it does mean we will posses an internal peace and joy that surpasses all understanding, despite our circumstances and be infused with spiritual gifts designed to be deployed for significant impact in this world. Therefore, it is when we actively choose to share the gospel and these various overflows in our life with others that we are most fulfilling our Kingdom roles in making disciples and multiplying disciple-makers.

Application: “Freedom’s Flight” – Galatians 5:13
Christ has broken the chains of sin and death that once entangled us, but what do we do with this new freedom? Do we dare to sit, sour and soak in a life dedicated to gorging ourselves with worldly pleasures and pursuits; or do we turn our gratitude to God and dedicate our new lives to His service, committed to reflecting His love to all, even when the all appear most unlovable?

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