“Let It Go”

imageWhy is the song, Let It Go, from the movie Frozen so popular? Some studies have already been done to try and figure that exact thing out. One theory suggests it could be because it speaks to the internal burdens we all choose to carry around, which exhaust and strain us. So, when we seize the opportunity to cast them all aside, we experience a sense of freedom we have never known before. Ironically, this freedom is exactly what Christ promised us many years ago. This freedom however can only be known by those who have received Christ and surrendered their lives, along with our burdens to Him. Then, over time, as this truth transforms our life, we mature in our faith to the point we are empowered to let other things go as well:

Love: No longer do insecurities, pride and ego drive our love, but Christ begins to work in and through us so that we are able to love the way He loves. This means, we no longer cling to those we care for selfishly, or jealously, but freely. Thus, we love without strings and with clarity – so that it’s never confused with lust (Ephesians 5:2). We are free to be bold and confident with our feelings and those receiving such devotion learn what love without limitations can truly be. What a gift we have to give! Have we experienced it? As Christians, we receive this type of love everyday, and through Him we learn to share it.

Life: There’s so much life has to offer! However, when we live with only ourselves in mind, we quickly discover the proverbial “hole” that can never be filled. This is of course because it is the reserved place only Christ can fill when we surrender our life to Him, and begin living for His purposes and His kingdom, not our own (Acts 1:8). This is also when we begin living life to the fullest – have we let it go?

Limits: When we mistakingly view our job, income and/or relationships as the primary sources of our identification and provision, we automatically place limits on ourselves. This is because God is the single source for all things (Colossians 1:16). Everything else are the resources He provides. When we realize this powerful truth, we get to view life more as a divine adventure where every peak and valley serve as opportunities to draw us closer to Christ, mature our faith and empower our service to others.

Application: “Confidence Counts” – 2 Corinthians 4:5
If we doubt God, we will doubt most everything else, but when we have confidence in Christ and receive the promises revealed in His word, our fears and insecurities will begin to break down for He becomes our sufficiency. He then clarifies our reason for living, defines our life purpose, frees us from sin and grants us eternal life. Have we let go to receive this abundant life? May we renew our surrender today and dare to go wherever He may lead.

One thought on ““Let It Go”

  1. DJ

    I have to renew my surrender everyday before my feet hit the ground! It’s amazing how my day never go as I plan, but how He plans! It’s not easy letting go of agendas!


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