Focusing Faith

imageMy need for glasses and contacts started while I was in elementary school. To correct the problem, my doctor had me look through a variety of lenses and then like focusing a camera, he helped me to once again see clearly. Likewise, God works in our lives in a variety of ways to help sharpen and focus our faith so that we are empowered to live out our time on earth most effectively for His glory:

Surprise: Just as we enjoy surprising those we love with good gifts, our Heavenly Father treasures those times He gets to surprise us with His loving grace. These are the countless blessings that come our way totally underserved and many times not even asked for (James 1:17). Then, as our faith is strengthened, we begin to see more fully all God has done and continues to do for us – resulting in our overwhelming gratitude and praise.

Skepticism: Just like any good attorney willingly provides the evidence to prove their case, God has provided and continues to give us all the proof we’ll ever need to know He exists and is with us always (Romans 1:20). Often times any skepticism we may have in regards to our situations and/or His involvement in our life provide the perfect opportunities for Him to demonstrate His love for us even further. The question is are we honestly seeking His confirmation?

Surrender: The moments we acknowledge our inadequacy without Christ and our dependency on Christ are the moments we eagerly surrender our lives to Him. I wish I could say this surrender is a one time event, but as history proves, we all struggle to remain steadfast in this area (Luke 9:23). For although our salvation is secure, we still face the temptations to take up our own cause through the desires of our flesh, the world’s multiple attractions and the devil’s lies. Thankfully, the more aware we become to these attacks, the more we rush to the Throne declaring the faithful hymn’s decree, I need thee, every hour, I need thee!

Application: “Living Light” – John 12:36
Why does God allow us to remain here once we’re saved and invest such care in sharpening our faith, rather than call us home? Because, we have the profound opportunity to be His appointed representatives here on earth, reflect His love and bring light into the darkness. Thus, we get to share in helping others receive the truth, the hope, the promise and the rewards of being His beloved children – and what tremendous gifts they are!

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