Time Well Spent

My grandmother and uncle recently passed away and we held their memorial service this past weekend.

The chaplain over the service shared the beautiful verses of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. Many of us recognize these words through the song, Turn. Turn. Turn. by the Byrds. “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, a time to die…”

He reiterated the importance of time, and how “their time” was not merely the day of their death, but the days of their life.

Good reminder that our time is today. Our time is now. So, the question is what are we doing with our time? How are we investing it, spending it, or wasting it?

For there will be a time when our day on earth is over. What will our legacy be? Is it our job, money, house(s), and cars? Clearly, these are things we may accumulate over time but do they define our life?

Or will it be the love we shared, the time we spent with others, the help and encouragement we gave, and the burdens we helped others through.

I have considered the impact these individuals made in my life. Thankfully, they are good memories. I am blessed for that. Yet, their time on earth is now over and mine, for now, remains. What will I do with the unknown time I have left – what will you do?

Truly, we are made in God’s image to impact the world – whatever small part of the world He has entrusted us to steward. How are we loving those around us? How are we helping, or are we merely taking?

For me, I possess a deep desire for God’s love for others to overwhelm the parts of my heart, mind, and body that have been hardened by sorrows, rejections, betrayals, and life. I want clearer sight to see as He sees, love as He loves, and to ultimately do His will over my own; and to consistently resist my flesh’s desire to pursue worthless things, and to always pursue the worthy instead.

May all our lives impact those around us as a testimony to His glory, and be used to help rescue the hopeless, lost, and needy held captive by the darkness.

This is a great task for we are naturally selfish, self centered, and prideful, and to accomplish these desires we must turn from our selfish ways and be willing to be poured out for others joyfully. Yet, frankly, sometimes I get weary, and serving others gets tiring. I get discouraged, disgruntled, and distracted.

So, a life well spent isn’t easy, sacrifice is hard, but during the time we have left may we not be fooled into hoarding it solely for our self comforts and seek to numb ourselves from the needs of this world. May we live with purpose and passion for His calling set upon us and be faithful stewards of all He has entrusted to us, including our time.

This isn’t to say we keep busy hustling to and fro, but rather it could mean simply sitting with and listening to others – rather than doing all the talking. To pray for others, not simply ourselves; to love others genuinely, and to be the friend, the father, the mother, the sister and/or the brother He can help us to be.

What will we become of the time we have left? He leaves that choice to us – and promises to help us invest them wisely when we make Him first. He’s our true North, our God, our Lord, and our Savior. May nothing ever be allowed to serve as substitute – for its when we get sidetracked and begin to look to ourselves, others, and other things where we stumble.

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