Surf Lessons

I once took folks from work out for a team building exercise – surf lessons.

It was a beautiful day and we had a great time, laughing, falling, and catching our first waves.

During dinner I gave them all a miniature surfboard with the quote, “we can’t stop the waves, but we can learn to surf“, printed on the back. I then asked the group what they took away from the experience. Answers varied from fun, hard, exciting, and thrilling.

The obvious connection was these are the same adjectives to describe our work and as we go about our day, let’s remember that like surfing we can always get back up, paddle back out into the water, and try it again. We keep at it and though difficult, we can still have fun while pursuing our goal.

The same is true for life and our Christian walk. Sometimes the waves of life will beat us down, we will lose our balance, and we will come crashing down. However, God never abandons us and we know He is for us not against us. So, we can get back up, get back out into the world, and with joy in our hearts give our best once more. For there are times we also catch the wave and feel His power behind us. Moving us forward. These are the moments we feel His presence. He is always at work, transforming our hearts to become stronger, more courageous, and better at riding the various waves life throws at us. For they will always come.

So whether at work, home, church, or wherever we may go, there will be difficulty, hardship, and some pain. There will be moments we come crashing down, but like surfing so well teaches, we get back up and do it again, wiser and with a joy in our heart knowing it’s all part of the process. For the best surfers still crash at times, but they also catch more waves – and so can we.

As our walk with Christ strengthens, we too see the adventure in life and learn to be accessories to His glory no matter what waves may come our way.

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