“SoulShine” Shepherds

I heard the song, “SoulShine” again the other day, and was reminded to how I once got lost chasing so many worldly things in my life. Granted, daily distractions continue to come my way, but thankfully, I am now aware of and cautious to their enticement and allur.  For as Christians, we are called to be salt and light in this world. So that others may see our good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16). Yet, so often we can all get sidetracked from our divine purpose when we begin to chase these “other” things:

Sunshine: Who doesn’t love the sunshine? If there is a patio at a restaurant, I make a b-line for it. If there is a sunny day, I have to be out in it. Basically, I love the sun, but as we know, sunshine is only temporary. It goes away. Likewise, sunshine is an illustration to all those things in life we enjoy and relish, but like everything else, all good things eventually come to end in this world, even the sun’s warming rays. However, in Christ, we don’t have to live for and chase these temporal things. Rather, once we realize and discover our true joy comes from Him and with Him, we have a greater appreciation of all those good things when they do come our way – and don’t get so down in the dumps when they don’t (Psalm 118:24).

Moonshine: There are two types of moonshine. One reflects the sun at night and the other is used for consumption. For our purposes here, I’m talking about the drinking kind of moonshine for it and other intoxicants are often chased by many to escape the pains of reality in an effort to create a new one. However, this type of distraction is also only temporary and comes with potentially devastating consequences. In Christ, we accept reality and don’t try to escape it. In faith and through His Spirit, we are empowered to experience the ups and downs of life with renewed perspectives (Philippians 4:12). We have hope and understand we serve a good God, with good intentions, Who can turn all things together for our good and to accomplish His greater purposes.    

Shoeshine: We shine our shoes to keep them looking nice and to make a good impression. However, I want to use this as an illustration to highlight the various ways we attempt to “polish” our lives in order to discover peace and happiness. Yet, like all the other temporary distractions people pursue, how often have we purchased a new must have item, shined ourselves up with all the best money can buy, and soon discovered that the “newness” and shiny shimmer of possessions and bling soon fades? Our bodies age, and the shiny new things we wear, drive and pursue, do feel good, but alas the good feeling lasts for only so long. For none of them have to power to restore a broken and empty heart (Matthew 6:21). However, in Christ we are restored, from the inside out, and His light from within us shines eternally bright for all to see. 

Application: “Son-Shine” – Ecclesiastes 10:2
As mentioned, nothing we pursue can replace all Christ offers. He is the best thing going and when we single our sights and focus on Him, He promises to provide all we ever need. Our hearts are renewed and our souls refreshed. So that as the Son shines through us, our souls shine to a watching world, allowing all to see the glory, love and splendor of Christ our Lord. 

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