Bigger Picture

Work can make us weary at times, but then again, so can life. We can get run down by the mundane and begin to question our contributions. We might wonder if what we do truly adds value, or if we’re just wasting our time. Perhaps we don’t feel valued, or appreciated and this only fuels our growing doubts. However, these are also the times our faith can be strengthened, our endurance tested and God reminds us to our ultimate purpose and calling that stretches far beyond what our immediate circumstances may be:  

Reflection: As Christians we are to be reflections of Christ to the world. Lights on a hill (Matthew 5:14). Lights that break the darkness and serve as beacons of hope, truth and life. We may struggle with the mundane and question our value at times, but we have hope and a constant reminder that our life has value and purpose. For God restores His people. There are those however, with no such hope. They don’t know God and they are in desperate need of a Savior. Serving as beacons of hope and reflecting His light in the workplace, at home and in our communities is one of the greatest blessings and opportunities we have been given by God in this life.   

Redemption: Jesus once said the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few (Matthew 9:37). He also told Peter that He would make Him a fisher of men. We too are called to be fishers of men and harvest workers – and the workplace offers a powerful platform to do so. Our jobs catapult us into the world where many are lost and without hope. Thus, the Redeemer who saved us from sin, desires to save others and enjoys inviting us to participate with Him in the process. As we do, we are fulfilling our true purpose and calling as we serve and proclaim the gospel that rescues others from the darkness and restores hopes, not only to them, but also to ourselves.   

Restoration: Restoration is a beautiful thing to behold. When we see old homes restored to their former glory, it is inspiring, but God works in the restoration of life. God loves to restore lives who were lost and blind, scarred and scared, fearful and battered. He restores hopes, dreams, purpose and life. For He is life and as we go out into the world and workplace as His servants, we get to enjoy the blessings of being part of the restoration process (Hosea 6:1).  

Application: “R@W” – Matthew 5:16
I have the good fortune to meet with a few guys on a regular basis to read the Word of God, and discuss the ups and downs of life at work, at home, with our health, our money and a variety of other topics that may arise. We then pray together and every time our time is over, we go back out into the world with a refreshed feeling. For whenever God is made central and focused upon and fellowship is shared, perspectives somehow change. Our problems and difficulties don’t erase, but we are somehow reminded and encouraged that our God is bigger than anything we may face and that He is with us. I endearingly call this group, our R@W group – pronounced “raw”, because this is a time we get real. We get raw. The “R” stands for the redemption, restoration and reflection Christ works in and through us and the “@W” stands for “at Work“. God is at work in all these areas so that we can share them and put them at work in the world – not only for this small group of men of course, but for each and every one us – may we boldy live R@W.

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