Surf’s Up!

Learning to surf can be challenging. For one, we will undoubtedly fall and crash. However, many eager to learn get right back up for the chance to take on another wave. Why? For the thrill of catching and then riding a wave to shore is hard to match. Even if we body surf, there’s nothing like having the power of the ocean propel you forward. Personally, I love the beach and especially going there with my family. For it’s a huge playground where we jog, ride bikes and play endlessly in the sand, sun and surf. It’s also a blessed time of praise and worship where we marvel at God’s creation, read truth-filled books, pray and go “coastin with the motion of the ocean”. However, I also appreciate how I approach and respond to life there and how I can take that approach with me everywhere I go in at least three primary ways:

Attitude: Our attitude and perspective to the things that happen to us have a tremendous impact on our ultimate outlook and response to life. For a surfer the thrill and challenge of catching a wave outweighs any concerns they may have of crashing and/or encountering unpleasant ocean creatures. Likewise, may we face life with the same attitude as we trust God and His direction (Psalm 31:3). For even though we too will encounter unpleasantries at work and in life overall, the thrill of walking with Christ is the ultimate thrill of a lifetime and those irritants shouldn’t keep us from the adventure.

Adventure: We can be confident in knowing God wants what is best for us. He doesn’t desire we settle for anything less than His best. This is why He shares so much truth and direction for us and gave His only Son so that none may perish. As we accept this truth, we then get to go on grand adventures designed by God. Just like going to the ocean allows my family to enjoy various adventures together, as God’s children, He has endless adventures He wants to take us on (Isaiah 6:8). The question is, will we go where He leads?

Announcement: Once we experience something we love, like surfing, it’s difficult not to share it with others, either by talking about it, or encouraging others to experience it. This too is much like our walk with Jesus. Once we experience Him and His love, we can’t help but speak of it and share it with others (Psalm 30:12). We become advocates with passion, sincerity and authenticity. 

Application: “Hang Loose” – Mark 4:19
Why do we get so uptight about things? “Hang Loose” is a familiar Hawaiian expression commonly used by surfers that reminds and encourages others to relax and stay calm. Likewise, the Bible instructs us repeatedly to not fear, not worry, take courage and trust God. It also tells us the cares of this world can choke this truth from us. Therefore, may we too learn the value of staying calm as we walk with Christ. Undoubtedly, there will always be times we crash into the waves of life, but may we always be eager to get back up trusting the adventures He has in store for us are glorious thrills that empower us to greater advocacy for His redeeming truth.    

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