Less Of Me

I realize I may be one of the few folks under fifty who genuinely enjoys listening to the Statler Brothers, especially their gospel music. One my favorite songs they recorded is Less Of Me. It’s clear to know what it’s about simply by its title. I appreciate it because focusing on others more than myself at times can be harder than I like to admit. However, it becomes easier when I refocus my sights on Christ and rely on His power to make me all He has called me to be:

Kinder: We’ve all heard “nice guys finish last”. However, I recently shared a conversation with a lady who confessed her friend reminded her that “nice girls don’t get the corner office”. So, why do we think to get ahead, achieve success and win competitively, we have to get nasty, mean and look out solely for ourselves. Clearly, this is an opposing view to the words of God. For He reminds us to help, love, encourage and be kind to one another (Ephesians 4:32). So, which is it? Is it what the world says, or what the Word says? May we be wise enough to realize true success and wisdom resides with Christ.

Meeker: I have heard meekness described as “power restrained”. And a good example of this definition is Jesus Christ. For He could have easily destroyed His attackers and avoided persecution, but He restrained in doing so and instead demonstrated even greater power in sacrificing His life for all people, including those who hated Him most. However, He is God. So, how can we possibly begin to demonstrate meekness in our own lives? Afterall, it’s easy to believe that if we become kinder and meeker people will begin to run over us. Yet, in the long run, this simply isn’t true. For if God is in ultimate control and has each of us here for a purpose, His commands to us are not void of power. Thus, by obeying and trusting Him over the world’s lies, we receive the blessings only He can give in living life more abundantly (Matthew 5:5).

Blinder: Christ restores our sight. For we were once blinded by sin, but now we see in faith. Yet, I pray to be blinder to the flaws and shortcomings of others. In other words, I don’t want to judge them and see their imperfections as greater than my own (Luke 6:42). This is how we can begin to love our enemies. We see beyond their behavior and to the person. A person with a spirit, and a person with pains, struggles and scars – a person blinded by sin. This is when I pray to be blinded to judging them and instead more open to loving them.

Application: “More Of Him” – John 3:30
Becoming kinder, meeker and blinder is a mindset and behavioral change we simply aren’t strong enough to accomplish on our own. We need help – frankly, we need transformation. We need more of Him, and less of us. We need His Spirit working through us to be kinder, His power released in us to be meeker and His grace flowing through us to be blinder to the flaws of others. To quote the Apostle Paul, “thank God for this indescribable gift”!

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