Don’t Ditch That Dream!

  Martin Luther King, Jr. boldly declared, “I have a dream!” And it was this dream that helped ignite a generation to transform a nation- thus, a glorious illustration to the power of dreams. Granted, some dreams can be self-serving, self-promoting and vanity based. However, there are also those dreams planted in the heart of man by God (Psalm 37:4). These are the dreams aligned with His desires, serve His purposes and build His kingdom, over our own. Yet, some of these dreams sadly face abandonment before they even have a chance to spark. For dreams require action, and we are all susceptible to setbacks, discouragements and critics. However, through Christ, there is always hope – so, don’t ditch your divine dreams. For they are the ones that empower, encourage and ignite transformations:

For Love: Who doesn’t desire love? After my parents divorced, I remember looking out the window at our neighbors, who seemed to have what my heart craved – marriage, kids and laughing faces. It was a direct reflection of the dream I longed for. Yet, I was tempted to ditch this dream as I grew. This was because I didn’t understand where true love originated. Therefore, I didn’t know how to give it, much less receive it. In time, I realized true love begins with Christ (1 John 4:7). Ironically, I later learned the family I once admired from a distance, held to a strong Christian faith; and I’m thankful that in time, I too discovered the power and blessing they shared. For Christ’s love is sacrificial, never selfish, and when shared, it transforms hearts, families and lives.

For Lost: Who cares if someone is lost? Obviously, we care when a child gets lost in a crowd. For this presents physical danger. However, is there the same sense of urgency when a person is lost spiritually? Many times, we may feel there is nothing we can do, or perhaps we have never known the despair of being separated from Christ and therefore, we can’t relate. Or, we may have loved ones, whom we desperately desire to receive Christ, but seemingly appear to only drift farther away. What can we do? Don’t ditch the dream for their salvation. Prayer is a powerful weapon, and God has the power to break any chains. As long as there is Christ and our faith in His promises, there is hope for the lost we love (2 Peter 3:9).

For Legacy: If a legacy is what is left to the generations after us, what will ours be? This question reminds me of a friend whose father was diagnosed with cancer. Every time my friend speaks of his father, his eyes swell with tears – not because of the sickness, but because of the respect, admiration and love he has for him. He speaks of the faith his father shared and the impact his father’s visible testimony has had in his life. He now aspires to pass this same Christ-centered faith to his son and continue the spiritual legacy his father passed down to him. Likewise, this is my greatest dream – to have my faith, reliance and trust in Jesus to be the primary legacy my children receive from me (Psalm 145:4). I pray my family’s faith grows stronger with each generation in order to be used by God and make a kingdom impact only He can imagine.

Application: “Daring For The Divine Dreams Psalm 126:1
Dare to dream and dream big! For when we seek God and surrender our lives fully to Him, He masterfully transforms our desires to be as His. Therefore, dreams don’t have to be self-absorbed, small, or scorched. Instead, they can be divinely designed to bring love to the lonely, rescue to the lost and Godly legacies to the countless generations that follow – and all for the glory of God.

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