Advancing The Line

imageWhen under attack, defenders are required to hold and advance the line in order to prevent defeat. However, it can be difficult to defend a position we don’t know, understand, or possess. In the spiritual battleground, we see this lack of clarity result in folding to compromise, constituency and/or cultural demands. Thus, we abandon the doctrines we once held so dear. The Bible helps us stand firm amidst such attacks by refining several key components of our faith:

Clarity: What is truth, and who defines it? Clearly, there are numerous opinions and interpretations, but there can only be one truth – and we can either seek this from man, or the Creator of man. When we seek God’s truth, we gain clarity; and with a clear mindset and goal, we are less likely to be swayed by public pressures and opinions (Exodus 23:2). This allows us to hold fast to the protective guidelines God establishes in order to live a life that’s truly more abundant.

Calling: To know one’s calling and purpose in life is a powerful position to hold. It helps us maintain focus amidst a myriad of blurred lines. There’s a powerful freedom in being unswayed by power, positions and possessions. Although not always easy, being committed to fulfilling one’s purpose and calling in Christ is the only way for our souls to know genuine peace and prosperity, no matter our challenges and circumstances (John 17:18).

Courage: In order to have courage, there must be the confrontation of our fears. For we can allow fear to either control us, or contribute to the maturing of our faith. For every time we rely on God, rather than succumb to the threats of this world, He is positioned to encourage our hearts, empower our hands and expand His healing to an anxious world (Isaiah 12:2).

Application: “First Things First” – Matthew 6:34
We are clearly instructed not to worry, but to focus on the demands of today. For it’s difficult to hold and advance our mission when we are weighed down by burdens. However, as we strive to seek God first and foremost in all we do, He secures our way. This means we pursue His way – not our own. Or, as Oswald Chambers once stated, “We have simply to obey God and to leave all consequences with Him“.

One thought on “Advancing The Line

  1. DJ

    Thank you Dagan for this reminder! As Christians it is refreshing to know our God is in complete control and if we trust and depend on Him there is no need to worry.


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