Worship At Work

imageWhen the birth of our Savior was announced to the shepherds, were they in the temple praying, relaxing on vacation, or out in the fields working? It’s interesting to consider they were busy watching over their flocks on just another seemingly ordinary night (Luke 2:8). None the less, it was during these extended working hours the angels paid their special visit to these faithful laborers – thus beginning the proclamation of our Lord’s birth. Likewise, it is during our seemingly ordinary days, when we posses some of the greatest opportunities to share our proclamations of faith:

Seen: When we show up at work, or any other place for that matter, what do others see from us and in us? Do we make situations and surroundings better, or worse? Obviously, no one is perfect and we will have bad days, but by-in-large how we conduct ourselves in various situations significantly impacts our testimony by either serving as stepping stones to our Lord, or stumbling blocks (Colossians 4:5).

Heard: Similarly, how do we use the influence of our words? It has been said the pen is mightier than the sword. If so, then how we use them, whether written, or verbal will serve to promote, or pollute our testimonies (Ephesians 4:29). This includes emails, texts, social media, as well as our choice of language and overtones. For we have all been witness to those whose talk does not match their supposed walk and vice versa. Therefore, may we always seek to submit to the Spirit’s filter before expressing ourselves.

Shared: If we choose to play it “safe” and never step outside our comfort zones to share our faith, we will be passing on one of the greatest opportunities and blessings in life – making disciples (Matthew 28:19). Ultimately, when we as Christians deny ourselves the opportunities to serve as Christ’s witnesses through our authentic, everyday actions and words, we are actually choosing to opt out of our kingdom work, and as a result, true fulfillment will allude us.

Application: “Joy Story” – Philippians 4:4
Just as the angels first heralded the arrival of our Savior to the shepherds, who in turn enthusiastically shared their experiences with all they encountered, may our hearts also overflow with the joy and glory of our Lord so that our proclamations and testimonies of Him never dull – Merry Christmas!

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