Reactions Of The Reliable

imageThere are times when opportunities might come disguised as challenges – which can make seizing them appear difficult. However, when we choose to rely on the faithfulness of God, rather than our feelings, we get to experience the faith-building blessings of God’s provision and protection. So, we need not get too discouraged when our first impulse to His divine callings are less than ideal. For it’s our final response that sets our course, not our initial reactions:

Question: The things of God can be challenging to comprehend at times and may seem nearly impossible to transpire. For example, it was initially difficult for Abraham, his wife Sarah and John the Baptist’s father, Zechariah to believe they would have a child in old age. Yet, they did and even though their disbelief resulted in some negative consequences, their continued reliance on God allowed them to be used in His divine purposes. Is there a dream, or promise God has planted in our hearts that’s hard to believe? May we always remember, all things are possible with God and never lose hope (Matthew 19:26).

Confusion: Other times, we may be confused by what God is doing. Like when we face challenges in areas we know God has called us to. We might begin to question why. However, like Mary, may our final response to those things that appear confusing be the same as hers when she was told of her miraculous conception – “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be as He has said” (Luke 1:38).

Praise: Thankfully, there are also those times when our faith empowers us to respond in praise to those opportunities that may be wrapped in challenge. Just like Paul and Silas burst into song and praise after being flogged and imprisoned for doing God’s work, may we too optimize moments of challenge with complete trust and reliance on our Lord and Savior (Acts 16:25).

Application: “Tried To Be True” – 1 Peter 1:7
A preacher once asked his congregation if they could be trusted with trouble and remain faithful to God. Can we? No doubt, we will face hardship and trials in this world, but as Christians we are not without hope. For we have an amazing promise from our Lord and Savior that in all things He works for the good of those who love Him and are called to His purposes – and that’s great news! For the goodness of God is so profound it too surpasses all understanding.

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