The First To…

Some have never experienced the shame of being picked last, or not at all during grade school recess. Perhaps some were always the team captain, or picked first for their “kick-ball” talents.

Life on earth isn’t fair, never was, and never will be – for some will always be the first chosen, born into privilege, inherit wealth, and bestowed with power – while for others the opposite is true. They are born into abject poverty, with disabilities, face endless abuses, and the deep stings of abandonment.

We all carry within us a sense of and desire for justice. Granted some do a better job of living it out. But we all want to be chosen – no one wants to be unseen, undesired, unwanted, rejected, and unloved.

Yet, on the flip side, no one wants to be used by others, surrounded by superficial facades, and consumed and pursued by others simply for what they gain from you.

Authenticity, genuine kindness, unconditional love, healthy fellowships, and true peace can seem at times to be fleeting experiences in this world – and this is exactly where Jesus steps in as the 1st to offer such things.

For He first “so loved the world”, and “desires no one shall perish”, and “created (knit) us with love in our mother’s womb”.

This doesn’t sound like a God who picks favorites, but rather, goes to the cross so that all may be invited into His Kingdom – ie; our true Home.

So, He showers us with His love first until our “cups runneth over” and then invites us in our overflow to share it with others.

This empowers us to then be the first to offer a smile to a passer by, the first to offer genuine kindness, the first to love, and the first to give a helping hand.

Perhaps when we learn to stop focussing so much on our personal winnings, and scramblings to be first, we’ll discover the deeper benefits that come from considering others first – like Jesus has always done with us.

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