Why Bother?

imageWe may have all wondered at times if God is all powerful, all knowing and fully in control – what good does it do to pray? Why bother? After-all, isn’t God going to do what He wants to do anyway? These questions were beautifully answered for me as I came to realize how God was diligently shaping and using my various circumstances and experiences to unify my passions, purposes and profession in ways I could have never imagined:

Positioning: As we approach God in prayer, we learn to position ourselves under His authority. Our hearts must be positioned in such a way that we openly and willingly acknowledge our insufficiency, dependence, surrender and reliance on Him (2 Chronicles 7:14). In humility, we are more pliable and less resistant to God’s shaping and positioning to where He desires us to be and go.

Preparation: As we learn to wait and trust in God’s perfect timing and perfect ways, He goes to work on our physical and spiritual development. He does this by preparing our heart, hands and head to respond in the ways He desires so that we can be prepared to seize and maximize the opportunities He sends our way (Psalms 144:1). I see such preparation exemplified in my own life when I consider how I am routinely placed in positions to communicate on the various components of stewardship. If it wasn’t for persevering through public speaking classes, studying for financial certifications, attending leadership trainings and forced to apply these principals in my home, church and work, I would not have developed the fundamentals to do all God has for me today, much less tomorrow.

Promotion: This is not our promotion, but promotion of God’s purposes and for His glory. For when we are faithful in our prayer life, and seek God’s direction and guidance in all we do, He is faithful in getting us where we need to be, when we need to be there and doing what we need to do in order to promote His greater purposes (1 Peter 4:11). For example, whenever I’m blessed to lead financial literacy events, share the testimony behind my book, or publish weekly blog updates, they are all proclamations and affirmations pointing others to Jesus Christ.

Application: “It’s Always A Good Day To Pray” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17
Why bother praying? Frankly, we can’t be all we were created to be without it. If Jesus, God in flesh, passionately pursued prayer, how much more do we require it’s sustenance? In fact, why would we ever dare to live a day without it?

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