Equipping Elevation

imageIf you ever received a willing and helping hand from someone, you know the power one person can have on another. Thomas Edison once said, “I never pick up an item without thinking of how I might improve it.” Now consider – what if we approached other people’s lives with this same mindset and goal? Three behaviors can aid us in this cause:

Reaching: We all have divinely customized areas of influence, such as our family, friends, coworkers and community. Yet many times, we allow the distractions of life to disrupt our desire to share the gospel, our testimony and provide the encouragement so many desperately need. Is there anyone we might invest our time with today and trust God with the consequences (Luke 10:2)?

Teaching: We know role modeling to be one of the most effective ways to pass along knowledge and behaviors. Therefore, we have a powerful opportunity for our actions to serve as stepping stones as opposed to stumbling blocks (1 Peter 2:12). Is our growth in and obedience to God’s Word serving as stones for others to step higher, or stumble over?

Seeing: Just as our viewpoint can greatly influence our experience with a mountain sunrise, our life perspective greatly impacts our experiences with people. It takes intentional effort to climb a mountain, and to invest in others. Yet, when we are obedient to God and seek the potential we all have in Christ, lives get saved, strongholds get broken and hope is restored (Proverbs 24:11).

Application: Elevation For The Next Generation – Proverbs 13:22
We will all leave an inheritance with those our life was allowed to impact. The question is will it be material, eternal, or both? As we nurture our own walk with Christ, our faithfulness in sharing the gospel with others and helping them elevate their walk increases. As a result, a legacy of equipped stewards seek to maximize the time, talents and treasures entrusted to them to glorify God and expand His Kingdom.

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