Dagan has nearly twenty years of diverse experience in the financial industry, serving in key leadership positions at both international and community based institutions.

As a communications major from the University of Georgia’s College of Journalism, Dagan’s passion is using his broad and varied background to provide encouragement to other believers in their walk with Christ and further the gospel through his service as a deacon in his local church, as an adult Bible study teacher and in his fiction and nonfiction literary works.

Dagan is the published author of the book, Full Disclosure: Candid Confessions From A Recovering Workaholic, which addresses the stewardship areas of faith, family, fitness, and finance. In addition, he has authored the novel, Highways End, published by BendedBow, which is a sweeping romance that tells of love, loss, family, and faith.

His other books include two written to encourage children and families entitled, STRONG and The Kingdom Scrolls and The Dinosaur Did It.

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As an avid communicator, Dagan has also written several Christian based articles providing encouragement in the areas of family, money, work balance and health – all areas he has personally strengthened and reconciled through God’s grace.

Along with his communication credentials, Dagan holds a various inveatment licenses, a real estate license, variable annuity, fixed annuity, and life insurance licenses and is a graduate of several leadership, executive speaking and financial analysis programs.

Dagan and his wife, Jennifer, live in Augusta, Georgia with their two children where they enjoy an active lifestyle of fellowship among friends and family.

Lastly, Dagan enthusiastically continues to serve families, individuals, businessess and communities through his speaking, teaching and training of financial literacy, work-life dynamics, and stewardship principals through his lead role within a locally based financial institition.

On Instagram & Twitter: @DaganSharpe

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