Go Have An Adventure!

At the end of the movie Finding Nemo, we witness a once over-worried, over anxious, and over fearful father encourage his son, who has one fin smaller than the other, to go have an adventure.

We then see Nemo ride out into the great abyss of the ocean, upon leaving the loving embrace of his father.

I can’t help but feel our Heavenly Father speak these same words to us, as He embraces us.

In fact, He tells us in John 10:10 that He has come to give us life to the full, and in abundance. We are also told to go out as sheep among wolves. Meaning, He knows the dangers, and the risks, but yet, in love, He knows as our Creator, we are made to go forth in love, kindness, and truth.

This is bold, because to do so well, we must rely upon Him and trust Him with our very lives – Not to be foolish and careless, but rather wise, and in faith.

Yet, how often do we fear adventure, expedition, and stepping out of our comfort zones? Like Nemo, we all have a part(s) of us that is weak, and less than perfect. Brokenness is a part of this life – but we needn’t fear. All the great people of faith throughout the Bible and history have stepped out humbly with God, faced uncertainty, and ended up having grand adventures as a result – Experiences we still read and learn about to this day.

Our adventures will no doubt differ and be varied. They may not even result in us going to some far exotic place, but rather in our own backyards and communities. What will be required though is a step in faith, and a reliance upon God – and that’s what makes it all the more grand, wonderful, and abundant.

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