Don’t Worry – Get Humble

Can we, or will we, humble ourselves enough to truly give all our cares and worries to God? Peter in 1 Peter 5 suggests if and when we do, we will experience God’s peace and grace in our lives.

The idea that trusting God enough to turn over all my worries to Him is an act of humility on my part is enlightening. It’s pride that convinces me I can’t, and that somehow holding on to my worry means I’m being responsible.

Rather, the most responsible thing we can do is trust God, His goodness, His kindness, His power, and His promises. We can then rest in His peace.

Kinda like the little bird my wife recently rescued. As soon as it rested in her hands, instead of fretting and flapping around, her care and comfort eventually got him back in the air.

What a wonderful challenge and opportunity – to live daringly enough to completely and utterly trust God! It’s thrilling, it seems perhaps to my conscious mind a bit careless, and reckless, but in reality, it’s the wisest and most prudent thing we can do.

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