The High Calling Of Honor

In Hebrews 13 the desire to live honorably in every way is expressed.

Webster defines “honor” as seeing value in something, or someone and then expressing and acting upon that sentiment.

So, “living honorably” in its simplest form is valuing life – your life, other people’s life, and God, as the Creator of life.

And life is best lived and honored when we are extravagantly generous with God’s love – Allowing ourselves to both receive it, enjoy it, and share it.

This gets difficult to do of course if we live anxiously, fearfully, cynically, and judgmentally.

To help with this, how often do we allow ourselves to enjoy God, and His love for us? Then, how often do we express genuine love for ourself? Not narcissism, but authentic, kind, honoring love for the life and gifts we have. Do we even allow ourselves to see and acknowledge them?

Lastly, but not least, as we receive God’s love, and enjoy Him, we can’t help but grow in our love for Him, which nurtures a healthier love for ourselves, that then overflows to an honoring love for others.

Living honorably is a high calling and challenge indeed. Yet, as the writer of Hebrews expresses, God eagerly helps us in this task, as we pray for it, seek it, and even value the holy attributes of honor in and of itself.

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