Good Hard Work

In Ephesians we are reminded to do good hard work and then to be generous to others in need. But this extends far beyond simply monetary generosity, and physical labor.

For me, I have come to realize much of the good hard work is personal. It involves dealing with my issues, insecurities, infractions, and injuries.

To do this well involves intense work – good, healthy work. To grow, heal and mature spiritually, emotionally and psychologically not only helps us live more generous lives with others, but also kinder, gentler, and more loving lives.

This kind of generosity after such intense work is truly rewarding, inspiring, and filled with hope. The hope that we don’t have to remain stagnant, ignorant, and defeated, but rather, contributing to a greater good by working on our inner wellbeing in faith, with good counsel, and as Paul describes, ensuring a relentless pursuit to finish the race well. This race isn’t a contest – it’s a healing, a loving, an acceptance to a life invitation, and a becoming.

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