Light Hearted

I’m encouraged when Jesus reminds us to walk in the light – to trust in the light and we will become children of the light. He also shares crucial advice when He tells us to cast all our troubles on Him so that we can live “care free” – for He is most careful with each of us.

Both of these insights help me assess the weight of my heart. Those times I feel so heavy hearted, like a weight is sitting on my chest. Like I can’t breathe, can’t think calmly, and the gravitas of the world is sitting on my shoulders.

However, as I put my trust in Jesus, in His promises, His power, His purposes – the weightiness begins to lighten, and His light begins to fill my heart. As such, I am in a much better position to reflect His light, experience His lightness, and walk/live more lightly, knowing it’s not all up to me. It’s not all about me, and that His love is all over me.

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