Eye On The Storm?

When the disciples were in the storm they were afraid, but when they woke Jesus and He quieted the storm, the Bible says they were even more terrified – asking themselves, “Who Is This Man”? (Mark 4:41)

I think this is a helpful reminder on how we view the “storms” in our life and life in general. When we focus on the storm we prioritize it’s outcome over life. We give it all the power. When we do this, we are choosing to believe that if, when, and how the storm ends will define our very life. We give it all the control. We make it god, and remove Jesus from the scene.

But when we focus on Jesus and realize He actually has power over the storms, we can refocus our attentions on Him. We may in fact be in a real challenge, but when we look to Him, and place our fears with Him in faith, we are choosing to trust Him with our very life. Knowing, He is ultimately the One in control, and can be trusted completely with our life. For He created us, loves us, and is always with us.

His outcomes may not be what we would have chosen, but we can rest assured He is in our boat. He is not against us, but for us, and is always encouraging us not to be afraid, but to trust Him.

Granted, it’s not always easy giving our fears, much less our life, over to Him, but it is a matter of faith and choosing Him over everything else. Storms will come and go – He is forever.

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