Releasing Life

Releasing my life in faith to God, and to go of my clinging and reaching, holds a deep attraction within my soul.

What keeps me from this are the lies that swirl around in my mind. The lies we aren’t wanted, aren’t valued, aren’t welcome, aren’t enough, and so many more. As such, we strive to prove ourselves, to protect and guard ourselves against rejections, and set out to achieve validation, affirmation, and approval.

However, in Christ, we already have all these things and more. We are His beloved. We are valued, wanted, and blessed. So, why can’t we live it out? Live freely in our faith knowing we already have more than we could ever need, or want. No more proving ourselves, comparing ourselves, or debasing our worth.

Rather, we live and walk already full, and are therefore freer to bless others, affirm others, welcome others, celebrate others, esteem others, receive others, and love others. As a result, we also better love ourselves and to receive and believe all the love God bestows to us.

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