Wildly Wonderful

Psalm 104 praises the wildly wonderful world God has created and the enjoyment He receives from His creation.

God enjoys us. He loves us. After all, He created us. And the Psalmist wisely reminds us to remember all the wonders He has made. To keep our eyes open for Him, watching for His works, and alert to His presence.

He is all around, and His beauty and goodness cascades daily upon us, as His creation beckons us to remember and worship. It replenishes and nourishes our hearts and souls from the darkness that so eagerly awaits to kill, steal and destroy such majesty. It despises its inherent goodness, beauty, and love.

May we not remain distracted by the darkness too long, but learn to enjoy the adventures set before us. Embracing and knowing we too are wildly wonderful participants in a wildly wonderful world.

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