Along The Way…

We go along our way, and life happens. We face bullies, brokenness, burdens, as well as blessings, bounty, and beauty.

Many things can result from all this. We can grow bitter, hardened, selfish, and angry, as well as compassionate, caring, softened, and kind.

Some go one way, some the other, but most of us probably find ourselves somewhere in the middle. For we all struggle with these things in life. We wrestle with them, and perhaps even learn from them all.

Thankfully, as followers of Jesus, we can begin to see beyond all this with our new eyes filled with hope. An awakening happens, and we begin to behold each day with a new gratitude and love, as we start building upon our past with a faith that surpasses understanding.

We don’t have to be stuck anymore. We don’t have to be alone anymore. We don’t have to be without hope anymore. We don’t have to be without love and acceptance anymore.

Not that we ever were, for He was always there, but now we know it. Newness of life happens, and we believe it. We receive it, and we learn to live it, embrace it, and share it.

For once I was blind, but now I see.

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