The Good Life

We all want the good life, and have our own definitions and ideas to all that means.

For me, the good life is truly enjoying the best of Jesus, choosing love, and making sure every good thing is the real thing.

For all good things come from God, He is goodness, and every good thing from Him is indeed the real thing. No cheap substitutes.

Being smart is not selling ourselves short and settling for any of the fake imitations and substations available all around us.

We also learn to enjoy the highs of life as they come, without trying to cling to them. For we know the lows of life also come, just like high and low tides of the sea. But even in the low cycles of life the good news is we never go through them alone. God is always with us.

He is our good Father. Some of us may have tasted a smidgen of this goodness from others. Perhaps we have had experiences with someone that supports, helps, encourages, loves, teaches, and blesses us. Well, if mere humans can do all this, just think how much more our Heavenly Father has done, will do, can do, and does.

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