Relearning Good Play

In Romans, we are reminded to live a life of goodness, peace, and joy – to aim for harmony and to try and build others up, as we live overflowing with confident hope.

God enjoys us, and smiles as we smile. How often do we enjoy Him and allow ourselves to enjoy all the good and beautiful things He brings our way? Things like healthy relationships, getting out into nature, going about good play, eating fabulous food, and pursuing meaningful work.

The list of His goodness and blessing is truly endless. We have our share of trials, hardships and burdens to be grieved and lamented for sure, but sometimes I can find myself focusing on these things more than the blessings.

Yet, I know, there is night, there is day, there is high tide and there is low tide, and the same for life. It is full of ups and downs, transitions, and changes, but may we learn to live truly with hope, and never forget our Father, like any good Father, enjoys to hear His children’s laughter and to know their joy. He cries with us, as well as laughs with us, He listens to us, and I believe, is eager to play with us too, as we invite Him too. It all can be another form of our worship, praise and expression of deep gratitude.

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