Relief In Living

I love the Message translation of Luke 8:48. Jesus says to the woman who reaches out to touch his garment, “you took a risk trusting me, and now you’re healed and whole. Live well, and live blessed!”

Trusting Jesus is such a powerful move and essential to living a whole and blessed life. It also takes the pressure off of us feeling like we have to have all the right answers and all the right moves.

Dare we reach out to Him, or continue to try and do it all on our own? What choice will we make? Do we believe He helps, or He doesn’t. He is good, or He isn’t. He is real and present, or He isn’t. It’s a matter of trust, and believing what He says is true, or it isn’t.

Believing leads to trusting, and trusting is such a beautiful gift and relief in and to our living!

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