Bring It

In a world that can be so busy, fast paced, noisy, chaotic, and unsafe, how vital it is to consider our approach to it all.

What are we bringing to our families, our work, to others and even ourselves? Are we adding to the pile of stress, and tension because of the burdens we carry, and is it even possible to bring the opposite?

What would it look like to let go of what the world brings and demands us to carry, and to even drop the burdens we cling to like Linus with his blanket?

I am reminded of 1 Peter 5:7 when we are encouraged to cast all our anxieties on God, to literally give them all to Him. Every single one and to trust He indeed cares about what we care about.

He reminds us we don’t have to carry all this emotional chaos beyond the cross, and we are invited to lay all our worries and problems at His feet, and to trust Him with all the details.

If we did this, I wonder what we would then bring to the world, to our work, our families and even to ourselves? Perhaps more kindness, authenticity, sincerity, calm, peace, joy, hope, encouragement, and love.

Truly so much good to give when we realize we don’t have to face all the hard alone.

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