A Love Dream

I had a strange dream one night that was so vivid and such a beautiful imagery of love, I thought I’d write it down and try to get as close to the story I saw in my mind as I could. Hope all enjoy reading it as much I did dreaming it😊

There was a man who knew he needed to learn to live a more unguarded, unselfish, and more loving life.

Yet, the world he knew was harsh and had served only to harden him, but he battled against growing too bitter, and too cynical. For he knew this was not the way he wanted to live the remainder of his days.

He wanted to learn how to love well, and to even allow himself to receive such love. He knew his heart needed healing.

One day, as he stood waiting in the rain at a crowded bus stop, he could overhear others talking about the One. Apparently, this One, who they had met, held the power and knowledge of love.

“Perhaps this One could help me too?” he asked the crowd. To which they replied eagerly giving him directions to where he could find the One.

Upon reaching the place where the sea met the summit, the man found the One, and immediately made his request.

I have heard you can help me learn to love.” The man said, “I truly desire to rid myself of the fear, worry, defensiveness, and selfishness that keeps me from living fully, wisely, and well. I have lost much because of this, and am hoping you can help me. Others have said you can”.

The One radiated with love. Such kind eyes, and with sincerity in his voice, he asked, “What do you think such love requires?”

“I believe it requires me to risk giving my heart to others,” he answered, almost as a question.

And when you handover your heart to someone, and they hold it in both hands – what then? Do they know what to do with it? And if someone was to give you their heart, for you to hold, would you know what to do with it?” the One asked.

Considering the image, it was clear that walking around with someone’s heart in hand was a heavy responsibility, and an almost unrealistic expectation to place on another. “So, what do I do with my heart then?” He asked, almost in a whisper.

Give it to me,” the One replied gently.

And so he did, and as the One held the man’s heart, He began to breathe into it, and as He did, the man’s heart began to glow. The more the One breathed into it, the brighter it became until it outshined the sun itself. The One then placed the man’s radiant heart back into his chest.

Now, you go and love with the new heart I have given you. It is good, radiating with true love, for I am the source of such love. And now, you too can share this love you received with others”.

And so the man departed with his new heart, glowing inside, and was able to offer the genuine warmth he now felt within with others too.

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