Good. Enough.

I’ve struggled with the concept of “good enough”. Am I okay with having a good enough marriage, a good enough job, a good enough life?

Or is the idea, as Christ offers us, to have life, and to have it in abundance?

Perhaps it’s both…for anything and everything that is good comes from God. He is the Source of all goodness.

Yet, we live in a broken world – full of hardship and harm. Perfection and greatness then can never truly be realized here – but we can continue to hope for and enjoy the moments of goodness that come to us, even during trials.

As such, contentment of the heart and peace within the soul isn’t an absence of desire, or passion. Rather, it is living with our heads held high, on look out for God’s goodness in the world, in others, in ourselves, and sharing it, multiplying it and rejoicing in Him for all the love and goodness He brings our way. He’s the oxygen to our souls. He is the Good and the Enough that is infused by His abundance.

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